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Parkomot - robotic parking with peace of mind

Parkomot is the representative in Israel of DONGYANG PARK, one of the world's largest Automated Parking Solutions companies and one of the pioneers of robotic-automated parking lots.

Globally, the manufacturer has completed more than 2,200 Robotic-Automated parking projects, of which about 20% have over 100 parking spaces – totaling hundreds of thousands of parking bays.

As a company, we strive to be the leader in reliable robotic-automated parking systems in Israel by providing the most advanced technology with safe, simple, easy, and friendly user interfaces.

We adhere to our core values in everything we do:





Our involvement extends from conceptual feasibility to economic feasibility to final project execution. Over the past 15 years, dozens of parking lots have been installed in Israel. All of our systems comply with the European Standard for Parking facilities EN 14010 and the Israeli standard TI-5437. After the installation, the systems are inspected by an Israeli Labor and Welfare Ministry engineer.

Parkomot is part of Comtal Group, a leading technology and engineering company in Israel, which offers products and services from international suppliers in a wide range of industries. As such, Parkomot benefits from the financial strength and operational experience of its sister company Promote Parking Facilities, the biggest parking facility company in Israel.

For more than 30 years, Promote Parking Systems’ service department has provided preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance services to hundreds of customers and thousands of parking spaces in Israel.

Our service system is certified by the Israel Standards Institute and includes operation, installation and maintenance teams that undergo regular training at the manufacturers through a long and structured training and certification process in Israel and abroad allowing them to reach the customer with high level of knowledge and extensive practical experience, enabling them to provide an efficient service to the customer.

Throughout the country, dozens of technicians are available 24/7 to provide service.

With world-class proven products, tremendous experience in many projects, professional service, financial stability and human integrity, Parkomot is the ultimate choice for robotic parking solutions, a choice that gives peace of mind right from consultation through installation, and throughout the ongoing operation.


Promote Parking Systems

Promote Parking Systems is a pioneer in the field of parking facilities in Israel and a leader today. Established in 1992, the company offers smart parking solutions from leading international suppliers, including mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic-robotic parking solutions, and car lifts with and without a driver. During its 30 years of operation, the company has installed over 20,000 parking spaces in Israel.

The company is the representative of WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH from Germany, one of the world leaders in mechanical and automatic-robotic parking solutions. WÖHR's parking systems are manufactured to the highest quality using high-quality raw materials that guarantee long-term durability. In addition, the parking systems bear the TÜV standard mark and comply with the European standard for parking facilities EN 14010 and the Israeli standard TI-5437. After the installation, the systems are inspected by an Israeli Labor and Welfare Ministry engineer.

As well as car lifts, Promote represents the Weigl company from Austria, a world leader in manufacturing advanced car lifts.

The company provides full services in the field of parking solutions: consultation and adaptation of parking facilities to the project, planning and installation while providing full support, as well as regular maintenance after completion and delivery to tenants with the help of Israel's largest and most professional service departments.

Promote is part of the Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd. group, one of the leading companies in Israel in its field.


Comtal is an Israeli group of companies in technology and engineering. With more than 50 years' experience in providing engineering solutions from leading international manufacturers to the Israeli market, it is one of the largest companies in its field. The synergy of the companies provides Comtal's customers with financial and operational peace of mind, a stable financial position, and a comprehensive solution.

There are diverse solutions and services offered by the group companies, including pneumatics, automation, mechanics, and drive control solutions for semiconductors, automation, biomedicine, and digital printing; Supply of equipment and consumables to laboratories in the biotechnology industry, pharma, research institutes and academia;

A leading edge in machining, laser cutting, and electro-erosion; semiconductor manufacturing equipment; nanofabrication and electron microscopy equipment; air drying and purification equipment and systems for industry and laboratories; and mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic-robotic parking systems solutions for real estate.

Thanks to the synergy between the companies, Comtal provides its customers with a comprehensive solution for the entire value chain. It is done with the most efficient cycle-time and with the integration of innovation and advanced technologies. The group's customers benefit from professional service, engineering and sales personnel in their field, with extensive and up-to-date professional knowledge, and from a team characterized by quick responses to business developments, flexibility in areas of specialization, and expertise in business and financial development.

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